Sunday, July 29, 2007

Like Father Like Son! Opps!

Today...Sunday...which means church, which means primary for Jack. So, I'm walking down the hall to pick Jack up from Sunbeams and his two teachers (luckily I'm good friends with them) are standing in the door way with these HUGE smiles and say "We need to talk to you." They proceed to tell me how the lesson was on prayer today and that they read a story to the class about a little girl who was having a hard time remembering to say her prayers. When they got to the part where the little girl forgot to say her prayers....Jack exclaimed..."Damn it!" They tried keeping their laughter in until once again they got to the part where the little girl forgot yet another time to say her prayers, so in all Jack's 3 year old animated disbelief he once again shouted..."Damn it!" The sad thing is I probably should have been embarrassed or something but we all just busted up laughing when they told me.

The REAL funny thing is Ted has a similar story that his mom wrote about in his baby book below.

Just in case it is hard to read: "In primary one day about 3 1/2 years he wanted to follow Emily out of the class for some kind of event which resulted in crying for mommy. His teacher said no and he replied under his breath "Damn it." Our secrets were exposed, his teacher thought it was funny."

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The San Juan Islands

Well we got back a few nights ago from our trip with the Cook family to the San Juan Islands and here are some of my favorites of the 1006 pictures I took! We had so much fun...even in the rain. The lavender farm, deception pass bridge, seeing the Orcas, fish and chips, oyster and clam fishing or hunting or whatever you call it and Pikes place. Coupeville mussels were the highlight for Ted and Jack loved our personal tour with Gabe (Ted's brother) of the Navy base and a spot in the Captains seat on Gabe's plane. Wow I really don't think that was correct English and I'm sure I made some sort of run on sentence disaster in there. Anyway, Jack loved playing with his little girlfriend Lily Cook and spending a few days with his Widbey Island cousins Ashlin, Jonah and Natalie. Playing star wars with Jonah and the slumber party's at night. I loved all the picture opps if you can't tell and hanging out with our friends and family. We had fun and hopefully the Cooks will still want to vacation with us again after this trip.

Friday, July 13, 2007

I LOVE my life!

No training wheels for Jack! Tonight they came off and in about 30 seconds he was up and running. This is the highlight of my year to date. I LOVED the ear to ear smile as he realized he was on his own. I LOVED everyone around us getting soooo excited at what he had accomplished. I LOVED watching Ted run along side of him with the same smile that Jack had and I LOVE that I captured this moment. This picture just makes me smile and get the feel good all over goose bumps, sense of pride, I'm his mom and I love it kind-a feeling.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Mamarazzi on the Loose

So I really tried to narrow the pix down but it was soooooo hard! We had so much fun with everyone and the kids had a ball. I've decided I'm officially a "Mamarazzi." The weather was perfect for plenty of water fun and gobs of pictures. The BounceHouse was a hit! And of course throw in a few uncles, a trip to Evanston and WAwLAA you've got yourself some illegal fireworks and the Fire Chief making a friendly visit! Here are just a few (no seriously...just a FEW) of my FAVORITES from the 4th of July Bash!

Was there an age limit on that slip-n-slide box? (p.s. Ted borrowed those trunks that I swear are from the 80's when it was cool to have them mid thigh ;)

I love this shot of Ted and Jack

A few of the cute cousins

who needs $50 seats to Stadium of Fire! The F16's flew right over my parents house!!

The Sanders Poss(y)terity...well I think we might be missing like 100 other people but this seemed like a decent amount we decided to capture it.

Thanks Mom...once again another fabulous PAAAAtay!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Happy Anniversary TED!!!

5 years sure does fly by when you're having fun! If only every day could be spent in a Jumping Castle :)
I love you!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy 4th of July!!

Thanks to all those who have fought and continue to fight for our FREEDOM!
Below is a picture of my Grandpa Eliason and Ted's Grandpa Fife. Both fought in WWII. More pictures to follow of our families awesome 4th of July celebration. We had sooooo much fun. Thanks Mom!

Grandpa Jack Eliason US NAVY
Grandpa Bob Fife US ARMY Air Corp

Some other fun pictures of Jack enjoying his freedom!

This has been one of my favorite photo moments lately. Catching Jack when he doesn't know anyone is watching.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Date Night on the Lake

So this was the best date night EVER! Tubing and Wakeboarding was a blast (courtesy of the Perry's). We had the kids earlier in the day and then Julie took them home around dinner and the adults lived it up! I don't know about the rest of the group but I was hating it the next day. It was like I got hit by a bus when I woke up. Guess that means we need to go more often honey! i.e. let's get a boat ;)After Jack's first wipeout he didn't have much desire to get back on. So he didn't really last long.Love this shot of Tammy and Dave as they hang on for dear life. Tammy and Kristin laughing because I'm begging and threating Ted not to take the picture at that angle.
Kristin getting some big air!

Jeff and Ted showing off

McKinley learing how to do the "HANGLOOSE."