Monday, September 29, 2008

Before you JUDGE me......

just hear me out.
We are in a babysitting co-op with some friends so we get to go on hot dates 3 Fridays of every month! sweet huh?
My boys happen to be the ONLY they are learning lots a cool things to be Prince Charming, being the "Dad" when the girls play house, how to be more sensitive, hold hands, use words instead of....Vrrroomm vroom, crash, bang etc and of course...painting FINGER NAILS!! Wait a second!

So a few weeks ago at the Perry home all the girls were painting their nails with Kenlie's latest nail polish. Ted said NO WAY when Jeff and Kristin asked his approval but after half the night of Jack sulking they decided a compromise would be to just paint ONE finger nail in "blueberry blue". Well, that was the ONE finger nail Jack choose to have painted.

Wow! we sure are proud of him.

p.s. thanks kristin for letting me steal the photos off your blog.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Greasy Food + Whirly Rides

just don't mix!
Ted could not even drive us home after the fair because he was on the verge of throwing up. Which was probably my fault since when he suggested eating dinner somewhere else before we got to the fair I GASPED in disbelief!!

"We can't go to the fair and not plan on eating greasy corn dogs, gyros, fries, caramel apples, cotton candy, soda and my ALL time favorite...FUNNEL CAKES!!"

We voted this the best ride of the night! The BIG Yellow SLIDE

Being too little for the cool rides stinks

This is before the ride actually started doing it's whirly thing....

This is AFTER

Monday, September 8, 2008

Big Brotheritis

The last few months I have just been loving the relationship between Max and Jack. I know things won't always be this cute between them but I'm just going to soak it up while I can. I love listening in on Jack talking to Max and how Max just hangs on every thing Jack does and says. At 18 months Max gave up his sippy, crib, highchair and booster seat all because Jack does not use any of those. He wants to be a Big Boy sooooo bad and many tantrums are a result of him not being able to ride a two-wheeler bike yet.

Jack just learned to snap, in this first picture I LOVE LOVE how Max is leaning toward Jack listening to the faint little sound of his SNAP with an expression that says it all. You can often find Max trailing behind Jack making a clicking sound with his mouth but moving his fingers like he is really snapping.

Max trying to figure out how Jack climbed up.
"My turn!"

Until I can figure what I am doing with the bunk bed vs. trundle bed decision and since Max refuses the crib the boys have been sleeping in Jack's twin bed together. One night Max was being fussy and having a hard time going to sleep when Ted and I overhead this little bedtime song from Jack. It's pretty dark and the volume isn't the best but it just melts my heart.