Saturday, April 26, 2008

Organized Chaos

Today was Jack's first Soccer game and about the only part of the game that was organized was their shirt color. It was one crazy and hilarious game. Most of the time it was like a herd of kids all clumped around the ball. There was zero passing and I saw a lot of ball hogging by one little boy in particular....mine! He was so proud of his 3 goals which I believe is called a Hat Trick if my very minimal knowledge of soccer is correct. Speaking of "Minimal Knowledge" I guess the socks go OVER the shin guards. Yeah, didn't figure that one out until about half way through the game.

This is a great shot of Jack pushing his OWN team-mate out of the way.
Max enjoyed the water and cheering from the sidelines. And if you are not from around here, that indeed is snow on the mountains.....don't even get me started!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Spring Break in St. George

The boys and I spent last week in St. George with my brothers and my parents. It was nice to get away from the 40 degree weather at home and enjoy some sunshine! I had a great time biking with my dad in decent weather. He is training for another Ironman (crazy) and I'm attempting to get ready for my 2nd EVER triathlon next month. The first was when I was 11 and I came in LAST place with a police escort but walked away with this huge trophy since I was the only one in my age division. Nice huh? I'm hoping for anything but the police escort this go around ;) We had a great time at the pool and took a day trip to Zion's for some hiking. We sure missed Ted but, hey...someones got to pay the bills.
On our way out of town I snagged a shot of my dad cruising home from the pool on his beach cruiser. My mom has a sweet one too! They are pretty cute riding together on their cruisers.
Grandma and the boyz
Grandpa, Jack & Max building towers with dominoes (Max was actually doing the destruction.)
Hike up to the Narrows
Jack and my brother Sam
Grandma got her work-out pushing Max up the trail.

Monday, April 7, 2008

I'll take a Naked Sandwich

Alright, alright...get your mind out of the gutter! I asked Jack yesterday what kind of Sandwich he wanted me to make him.

Jack: "I'll take a Naked Sandwich."
Me: ( a little confused and concerned) "Umm, what exactly is on a Naked Sandwich?"
Jack: "Just nothing"
Me: (again confused) "so you just want to eat air?"
Jack: "Mom stop being funny, just the white stuff (mayo) and bread okay."
Me: "Got it."

Seriously, I've never heard of a Naked Sandwich before so if you know where he got this from, please enlighten me.