Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Faces

The older I get the more I just love Christmas. Not for me but for the kids. I love their expressions, reactions, comments and HOW GRATEFUL they are for every little thing. We had a fun Christmas with the boys. Max really got it this year and it was fun to watch him and Jack share in the excitement. Jack was the first awake and came in our room at 5am to inform us that Santa had been in his room. Ted told him Santa would be back to collect all the gifts unless he went back to sleep. Kind of mean... I know, but VERY necessary for the sleep deprived mother. Max woke up next and noticed the Star Wars gear under his tree and ran in our room saying "Tanta Tanta!" It was so cute.

Yep, my boys are still sleeping "Little House on the Prairie" style.

Does he look like a Bobble Head or what?

I think he'll have to grow into this one...but I HAD to buy TWO of pretty much EVERYTHING this year or I knew it would be a fight over every present Jack received.

If you need any BYU football paraphernalia just come on over. We got it all, down to floor mats for your car!!

Charlie Brown

More BYU stuff!

I made this collage for Ted's office with pictures of him and the boys. His favorite gift of course!!

Zoe seeking refuge from the sea of wrapping paper

More Family Parties

We had a wonderful time at my in-laws and enjoyed yummy food, singing, chatting, presents and family. This year instead of spending lots of money on gifts for each other we decided to draw family names and then MAKE a gift for that family for under $10 and then spend the rest doing something charitable as individual families. It was so fun to see how creative everyone got with their gifts to each other. We had a great time and sure enjoy this special time of year.

Grandma Lynda leading us in the Nativity Song

Grandpa Jack & our dog Zoe

Great Grandma Frieda with Charlie and Max

Manny deep in thought

I'm so glad Max loves trains as much as Jack did. It makes me feel a tinsy bit better about the small fortune I spent in "Thomas the Train" stuff!

Jack watching the video about the Savior

Enjoying some cookies!

Great Grandma modeling her hip new jacket

Our gift from the Italy Turks. Chocolate from Germany and Italian pasta.
Anthony striking a pose

Saturday, December 27, 2008

A BaaaaVery Unhappy Lamb

Eliason Christmas Party

Max wasn't the happiest Lamb in our Nativity...As soon as his costume was on all he could think about was getting it OFF!

"Somebody please help me."

"Seriously, what are you all standing around for?"

"Guess I'll have to figure a way out of this thing myself."

"Phew! One arm what?"

"Kind of stuck here people."

"Fine I'll stand here for one picture and them I'm out!"

"Finally, back to my favorite, White shirt & bare feet lifestyle"Our Angel Maggie

Brody the Wise Guy

The girls checking out Baby Jesus

Waiting for their present from Grandma & Grandpa

I'm a little concerned at how excited Jack looks when he sees the girls present


Thanks for a great party Mom & Dad!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

"Holiday Cheer"

Tonight I sent Ted to the grocery store for........

and THIS

and THIS is what else Ted thought we might need....

Before I even saw the loot...Ted said "I had the BEST time at the grocery store tonight."
I knew something was up ;) When I asked how "this" happened. I got...
"you know it's just a little HOLIDAY CHEER Jen." seriously crack me up.

Let me just give you the list so you can get the full affect of what I experienced.

1. Low fat Egg Nog
2. Soy Milk - Pumpkin Spice flavor (K- this kills me since we totally don't even drink soy milk)
3. Three 2L bottle of Diet Coke (thank you- I love you)
3. Oreos - regular
4. Oreo Fudgees
5. Honey roasted nuts
6. Cashews
7. Hershey Minatures
8. Hershey Kisses
9. M&M's (holiday colors)
10. One HUGE Sausage
11. Kipper Snacks -fillets of herring (WHAT?)
12. Sardines (gross)
13. Smoked oysters
14. Martinellis Sparkling Cider - grape flavor
15. Martinellis Sparkling Cider - apple/cranberry flavor
16. Three boxes of Triscuts
17. Rocky Road Ice Cream
18. Cookie dough
19. Crab Cheese Ball

That's my Tedy...gotta love him!