Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I TRIed to TRI...but it was so hard so I just finished.

(Aaron- my brother, Diana- family friend, Me - Crazy)

Well the Triathlon was interesting. I don't think I'll EVER do that particular race again...especially pregnant. My Dad "conveniently" forgot to mention to me that it is ranked the hardest Tri in Utah and you have to run in SAND the entire WAY!! Thanks Dad...I should have known you'd pull something like that ;) It was freezing and windy that morning and I was secretly FREAKING out about the swim. The white caps were crazy and I watched a ton of the Olympic distance athletes (you know the ones who actually know what they are doing) being pulled out of the water by jet skis and onto this boat to take them back to shore because they just couldn't make the swim in those conditions. So at that point I start praying for a miracle since I'm WAAAAAY too proud and stubborn to bow out of something I know will most likely be the death of me. All of a sudden before the Sprint Distance heats started they announced they would be canceling the swim because of the danger and we would just start on the bike. I'm telling you right now GOD answers PRAYERS!!! It was one of a few miracles I've witnessed in my life. Anyway, everything else was fine SLOW but fine. It was still windy on the bike and if you've ever biked in the's pretty much like biking UP hill the entire time. Like I cared. I was too busy munching on my power bars and enjoying the breeze the other bikers shared as they raced past me. Wait, what....was this a race? Ted was dying that I took a 10 min pit stop in the transition area before starting the run while everyone else was in and out in 2 or 3 minutes. Again... this is a race??? I guess that competitive spirit in me just decided to take a little break. So I finished. The End.
Uncle Kelly & Ted...most likely talking about the Angels
Dad starting the "wet-suit jam your body in" portion of the morning
Diana- did the Olympic distance,took 2nd place in her age division, finished the swim!
( Wonder Woman)
I haven't even started and I look sooooo happy
( this was before I found out they canceled my swim)
the boat bringing the almost drowning victims back in
This is my brother Aaron who I saw in this position as I was leaving for the run. He was already finished with the ENTIRE triathlon. Stud.
Uncle Kelly from Cali
I can see the finish line at this point. Which is the only reason I am smiling.
Cheering for my Dad on the home stretch.
Max and Diana on a little hike in Snow Canyon
The Family (well some of them)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Try Tri Tri

So today I'm going to TRY to TRI in my second TRI. Did you get that??? Yep we're having baby. Complete shock for us seeing how we fell into the 3% category of contraception not working! Apparently, someone else had a different plan for us ;) Things have been crazy around here lately and as my mom put it..."That's just life Jen." Ummm, thanks Mom...I guess. So I'll be attempting to finish this Triathlon and hoping there is not too much puking along the way. I'm sure I'll be bringing up the rear in the race pack that I won't have to really worry about anyone getting offended by it. Anyway, I'll post after the weekend. Not sure if any beached whale pictures of me in my wetsuit will quite make it to the blog but at least I'll confirm if I'm alive.

Here is the last Triathlon I did at 11 years old coming in last place! Somehow I scored a First Place trophy and medal for the honor of coming in last but first in my age division. Don't think that will be happening again.

p.s. I know you want a pair of those sweet running tights. Gosh I had style.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Really Bad Day

Yesterday was pretty much the worst day of my life. About 5:30pm I sat Max down in front of the TV, left the room for about a minute to grab a load of laundry to fold. When I got back in my room Max's eyes were rolling back in his head and his face was pale. I picked him up and he just laid there in my arms lifeless and unconscious. At this point I'm really starting to freak out and lose it, I dialed 911 and could barely talk through my tears and hysterics but managed to get our address out to the operator. He was asking me a gazillion questions and trying to keep me calm but all I could think was "my baby is dying right in my arms what do I do." A few minutes into the 911 call, while still unconscious Max started having a seizure in my arms and as I'm sure you can imagine that really sent me into an emotional tail spin. Within a minute the seizure was over and he opened his eyes and just started screaming for about 10 seconds then went right back into this unconscious state. About that time Ted got home and a few minutes after the Firetruck, ambulance and police car arrived. Quite a scene for our little Ginger Place cul de sac The paramedics checked all his vitals and made sure he was stable to transport. He came out of his unconscious state while they were checking him over and just kept doing this blank stare and unresponsive look. By the time we got loaded in the ambulance he was pretty alert and doing well. During the ambulance ride he zoned in and out a few times but mostly just seemed really agitated and fussy.

The hospital was another joy....finding a vein for an I.V. in a chubby 18 month old sure was fun. The plastic straight jacket contraption they put him in for the chest x-ray was heart breaking to watch, Ted had to hold his head down while they tried to get a decent CT scan which didn't really happen because he had really had it by this point with all the test, prodding and poking. Finally, Max decided to pull his I.V. out which resulted in quite a mess and another screaming episode while we pinned him down to get it under control.

Anyway, it was just a really long night for all of us. We were sent home with little answers and told to see his pediatrician and schedule an EEG at Primary Children's. This morning his pediatrician seemed to think the seizure was most likely brought on by sudden spike in his temperature. I checked his temp through out the day and he never had a fever he just seemed to sleep a lot through out the day leading up to the seizure. Apparently, even a slight change in his temperature by a degree or two could be enough to bring on the seizure. So we're going to go with that for now and hope it was a one time thing.

Today he has been doing great and seems to be completely back to his crazy self. After a sleepless night I am just grateful to have Max back to his normal self as wild as that may be. Ted was so great through out the whole ordeal, kept things positive and gave Max the sweetest blessing at the hospital. We are so grateful to have so many of you as friends and family and are so thankful for all your sweet phone calls, prayers and concern for our family. After we got home from the hospital I just cried as I listened to all the messages on our machine. We are truly, truly blessed to know you. Thank you so much. We love you.

Monday, May 5, 2008