Wednesday, April 8, 2009

We're Moving!!

Ahhh, made you look! Well not really physically, but more like VIRTUALLY. I've been working on a new blog ....what, a new blog you say? Yes like my 12,000th blog that I can't keep up's different though this time...I promise! I really was trying to keep up on the photography and the family and the helpful hints but it wasn't really working out ya see. Now I just have one and for some of you that could care a flying rats behind about my's all in one spot now. Family, photography, workshop and yada yada.

So check it out and if you want a chance to win a free iTunes gift card follow the rules on the new blog.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Photography Workshop

{edit add: wow! I'm so excited!! thanks for everyone who inquired. I decided to open a Tuesday class to accommodate more people and I changed the name of the workshop to I "heart" Photography...just because I thought that was WAY!!! more fun and WAY!! less stuffy... ;) I'm not sure I'm going to be able to sleep tonight my brain is racing with a million ideas for you guys!} I have a few more spots open if you are interested email me the day that works best for you.

I'm starting my FIRST ever group Photography Workshop.
Yikes!!~I've done some one on one teaching and trained my assistants over the years but after some encouraging....I'm offering a little 6 course Workshop. I don't claim to know everything so don't sign up to try and stump me ;) But I do have 12 years in the business and I wish I had someone to offer me something similar to jump start my career WAY back then! Depending on demand I might open up a second class. Right now it looks like I have 6 people that are serious and I will close this class once I have 8 people enrolled. So if you're interested or have questions...drop me a line at:

Should be fun!!

You can check how my most recent friend/student has been doing here:

Thursday, February 19, 2009

One of these things is NOT like the other

My "Beary" cute baby! I know the "beary" is a little cheese but I just couldn't resist!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Monday, February 2, 2009

blah bla blah's been a blogg-n while. I know so many of you could put me to shame with mother of 7, mother of 5 , mother of twins, mother of every kid one year apart of Three...wowie! I feel like the day is over before it's begun and all I have to show for it is my bed that is made. (It's the one thing that I HAVE to do if I do nothing else all day!!) Lately, I've been making great strides though...I at least get my work out clothes ON...some mornings I make it to the treadmill or break out my Turbo Jam video, most others I just pretend I worked out and hope my Mind Powers trick my brain into actually thinking I worked out.

So here's the latest: Charlie is sooooo cute and sooo fun! Smiling and giggling when we sing do a deer from the Sound of Music to him. Jack loves to sing him the song he wrote called "You're So Smart" which he repeats about 100 times. Max is a good helper always making sure Charlie has his binkie and reminds him to "shhhh" when we say prayers.

MAD MAX: he is crazy and into everything and climbs up everything and swings from everything and breaks everything and eats everything and must be NAKIE or in JAMMIES all day! But...capitol "B" we think he is the cutest and funniest and cuddliest little bug ever so we've decided not to ship him off just yet.

he's ticked that I made him take the plate of cookies back to the table.

So when I find the sweet crazy boy like this...I just leave him there.

JACK: has been the best big brother and is growing up WAY WAY too fast! He is shredding it on the slopes this year and is always looking for jumps and trees to ski through....ahhh a boy after my own heart. We've had fun skiing with him this year and it won't be long before Ted and I can't keep up with the Bonsai Bullet!

This is the new tunnel they built at Snowbird that leads you to some pretty difficult bowl skiing. Big mistake...Jack wasn't quite ready for that one! While you're in the tunnel they have some U2 playing and jack says "I'm not scared mom...this music is calming me down."

Friday, January 9, 2009

The Littlest Wiseman

I thought of this cute little video when I found Max today playing with my Nativities.

Didn't he do an awesome job arranging the Nativity?

I was about to get mad at him for playing with them again when I noticed everyone crowded around baby Jesus and it just melted my heart.

I guess he got a little hungry while working with the Nativities

This one I just had to laugh! Mary and Joseph going for a little "Joy" ride.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Faces

The older I get the more I just love Christmas. Not for me but for the kids. I love their expressions, reactions, comments and HOW GRATEFUL they are for every little thing. We had a fun Christmas with the boys. Max really got it this year and it was fun to watch him and Jack share in the excitement. Jack was the first awake and came in our room at 5am to inform us that Santa had been in his room. Ted told him Santa would be back to collect all the gifts unless he went back to sleep. Kind of mean... I know, but VERY necessary for the sleep deprived mother. Max woke up next and noticed the Star Wars gear under his tree and ran in our room saying "Tanta Tanta!" It was so cute.

Yep, my boys are still sleeping "Little House on the Prairie" style.

Does he look like a Bobble Head or what?

I think he'll have to grow into this one...but I HAD to buy TWO of pretty much EVERYTHING this year or I knew it would be a fight over every present Jack received.

If you need any BYU football paraphernalia just come on over. We got it all, down to floor mats for your car!!

Charlie Brown

More BYU stuff!

I made this collage for Ted's office with pictures of him and the boys. His favorite gift of course!!

Zoe seeking refuge from the sea of wrapping paper

More Family Parties

We had a wonderful time at my in-laws and enjoyed yummy food, singing, chatting, presents and family. This year instead of spending lots of money on gifts for each other we decided to draw family names and then MAKE a gift for that family for under $10 and then spend the rest doing something charitable as individual families. It was so fun to see how creative everyone got with their gifts to each other. We had a great time and sure enjoy this special time of year.

Grandma Lynda leading us in the Nativity Song

Grandpa Jack & our dog Zoe

Great Grandma Frieda with Charlie and Max

Manny deep in thought

I'm so glad Max loves trains as much as Jack did. It makes me feel a tinsy bit better about the small fortune I spent in "Thomas the Train" stuff!

Jack watching the video about the Savior

Enjoying some cookies!

Great Grandma modeling her hip new jacket

Our gift from the Italy Turks. Chocolate from Germany and Italian pasta.
Anthony striking a pose