Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Faces

The older I get the more I just love Christmas. Not for me but for the kids. I love their expressions, reactions, comments and HOW GRATEFUL they are for every little thing. We had a fun Christmas with the boys. Max really got it this year and it was fun to watch him and Jack share in the excitement. Jack was the first awake and came in our room at 5am to inform us that Santa had been in his room. Ted told him Santa would be back to collect all the gifts unless he went back to sleep. Kind of mean... I know, but VERY necessary for the sleep deprived mother. Max woke up next and noticed the Star Wars gear under his tree and ran in our room saying "Tanta Tanta!" It was so cute.

Yep, my boys are still sleeping "Little House on the Prairie" style.

Does he look like a Bobble Head or what?

I think he'll have to grow into this one...but I HAD to buy TWO of pretty much EVERYTHING this year or I knew it would be a fight over every present Jack received.

If you need any BYU football paraphernalia just come on over. We got it all, down to floor mats for your car!!

Charlie Brown

More BYU stuff!

I made this collage for Ted's office with pictures of him and the boys. His favorite gift of course!!

Zoe seeking refuge from the sea of wrapping paper


Heather said...

I remember the days of buying two of everything at Christmas. Now the two oldest are finding their own style. Your newest little boy is adorable! It is fun having so much brotherly love.

Lacey said...

I'm glad you had a great Christmas...don't you love the 2 year old attitude!

Shawn said...

Jen, it's like Christmas every time you blog ... I love your pics and your comments and so "Jen" it makes me laugh. I love ya!


Emily R said...

what a FUN christmas! love your boys. what fun star wars paraphernalia! and, i love that collage. hmmm... maybe next year joe will get one... ;)

Beth said...

You take such awesome pictures... it's like we're there with you :) Love your Christmas morning pics - your boys look so happy and excited. Kids make Christmas SO MUCH FUN again... and Looooove your Charlie Brown :)

Kristy said...

Hey you! I'm planning on helping Karyn on Sunday. I'd have called you but I can't find our ward list!

Back to work at Alphagraphics now.


Kirkland's said...

Go Cougs! Love your blog and of course your professional pics...I need a NICE camera and some skills! It's so good to see you and your fam of boys, congrats on Charlie. I laughed at "Sorry Charlie" and then cried at him with all those tubes in. That's gotta be tough! Anyway, so glad you said hello!

Callie said...

who you doing your competition with i need to get tips from you!!! you did awsome last time... any hints?