Thursday, August 21, 2008

Where Was I ???

I'd just like to know.....WHERE WAS I when they were handing out the "Cute, Skinny, Baby Bump, Pregnant" genes??? Oh.....that's right...I was standing in the Chocolate Shake, French Fries & Girl Scout Cookie line, my bad.

So this is pretty much the last picture of me I'm posting on my blog until after the baby minus 100lbs occurs...which could be awhile...a really long while. So don't go holding your breath or anything. Not like you were....but I just thought I'd let you know. Oh yeah...this also wasn't one of those "Fishing" for compliments, "Feel Sorry for me," "You're not Fat" kind of post. Believe me...I have a scale...I know the TRUTH and it's not pretty.

This is my friend Rachelle. She is one of those "Cute, Skinny, Baby Bump, Pregnant" people and if I didn't love her soooo much I'd hate her ;) By the way we are due the same week. NICE.
Our cute boys...Jack, Jamison & Carter

Max..down for the count