Friday, June 20, 2008

Boys go Camping Girls go to Grease!

When I was growing up we used to chant ..."Boys go Camping, Girls go to Grease" the day of the Father and Sons camp out. The boys would leave for the camp out and the girls would head to the drive-in to watch Grease that apparently always played at the local drive-in.
Well, this year the "Boys went Camping...and Jen cleaned the house." Tragic really, but it had to be done. The "Girls Go to Grease" part may also never happen since we are expecting our 3rd BOY! I'm afraid the burping, farting and skinned knees will continue. As loud, crazy and crud as our house can be, I still wouldn't change a thing.

Brave Ted looks a little worn after a night of camping with Jack & Max

Max is clearly wiped out after giving Ted a run for his money.

There he is Ted that "run" for his money.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Swim Lessons

The boys took swim lessons this year and did great. Jack is a pro and Max...although not a pro is fearless and loves to jump off the diving board and swim/glide with a push between me and the stairs now. Max learned some great survival skills for the water which in my book is worth EVERY penny of swim lessons. If you are tired of the rec center group lessons that consist of blowing bubbles, playing games and about 4 min of time with your kid let me know. These guys are awesome and teach year round.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Turk Family Reunion

We had a great time camping with the Turks down in Kodachrome Basin. The kids love spending time with all their cousins and we had so much fun finding all the treasures on our Geo-Caching adventures. One night the ranger gave a little lesson on the stars and we got to see Saturn and the Moon up close through the gigantic telescopes!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What the Hail!!

My sister-laws, mother-in law and my mom all did the 36 mile Little Red Robin Hood Charity bike ride. It was pretty fun for the most part. I could have done without the HAIL pounding me while riding and the really sore REAR & LEGS. Luckily the hail only lasted 10 min...Unfortunately, the rear and legs part lasted more like 3 days! Oh well...all for the Breast Cancer cause. Other than those few things I really enjoyed the following:
1. It wasn't a race
2. They had cookies, diet coke and chocolate bars at the rest/aid/ gain 10lbs stations
3. the scenery was beautiful
4. When you crossed the finish line they poured you sparling cider in champagne glasses for a toast.
5. Subway sandwiches and hot chocolate at the finish.
6. Hanging out with the girls!

I wish those other "competitive" races would wake up and start serving cookies instead of bananas!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Rice -a- Roni...The San Francisco Treat!

That was the tune Ted and I couldn't get out of heads our entire trip. Despite the song we still managed to have some fun. I had a wedding on Saturday and Ted joined me for a few days of quality time together....without kiddos! Ted and I RARELY (yeah right) disagree on anything...except for how to spend vacation time. He likes to -go go go...see it every sign and fill his smart little brain with EVEN more knowledge then he already has jammed packed in it. I on the other hand like to....sleep, read, eat, go to the pool, sleep, read, get the idea. So we did a little of both. The only thing I would never recommend or do EVER again was this stupid 4 HOUR bus tour. The tour guide was a little crazy. Rules like...Turn off cell phones and no talking! If you ABSOLUTELY needed to communicate it was to be done in a WHISPER! and try not to use the bathroom in the back of the bus. What? So I just took a nap instead. We also missed our plane coming home because SOME IDIOT (me) thought we left at 7pm not 7am. Yikes! That was an expensive mistake. After a few tears from an emotional pregnant lady we ended up on a different airline and home at 2am. I'll never make the mistake of leaving the a.m. or p.m. part out of my planner again.....very key info apparently ;)

(p.s. just so you don't think I'm a total jerk when it comes to sight seeing...this was not the first, second or even third time we had been to San Fran and "seen the sights.")

The Painted Ladies
Muir Woods
I left my brain in San Francisco
The view from our room
The wild bus tour
The "I don't want to ask anyone to take our picture shot."
Foggy Golden Gate
Ted letting me be artsy with him

Street Cars
I LOVE this picture
China Town...of course Ted was striking up conversations with everyone he could find that would talk to him in Chinese. I could never have learned that language.

Monday, June 2, 2008

The Shoe Cobbler

I have these types of conversations with Ted on a regular basis:

ME: You can't wear that
Ted: what? why not?
ME: It just doesn't go...gray and brown just don't go together and p.s. your belt should also match your doesn't.
Ted: Says who? What fact based evidence do you have that these things don't match? Where is the book? Your degree in clothes matching? huh? huh? Why should I believe you???
ME: Trust me just doesn't go. I'm only looking out for you -k.
Ted: Whatever, you're the only one that even notices, I don't need to change my clothes....

To which I roll my eyes, smile and walk away because I know in 1 minute he will most likely be in something different.

We also have conversations about old clothes and shoes that he refuses to throw away. One particular pair of shoes (shown in the photo above) have been haunting me ever since we got married. They are old, ugly and the soles are completely pulling apart. I beg him to let me throw them away at least once a month... the conversation goes like this:

ME: Can I throw those piece a crap shoes away please?
Ted: Those are awesome, good quality shoes Jen, I've had them since my mission.
ME: Exactly....what was that like 50 years ago?
Ted: They are in great shape I just need to get them re-soled
ME: I'm sure you can buy a new pair for cheaper then re-soling them would cost.
Ted: I doubt it...

So today I opened our garbage to find the VERY SHOES I've been dying to throw away IN THE GARBAGE. You can imaging my SHOCK! So I frantically call Ted:

ME: Ted....there must be some mistake! Your shoes are in the garbage and I swear I didn't put them there!!!
Ted: (Laughing because he knows I'm being sarcastic) Well I took them to the shoe repair shop and it turns out it would cost me $55 just to have them re-soled.
ME: Wow, you totally made my day ;) Thanks, Love ya~