Friday, May 25, 2007

Our Preschool Grad

First off....sorry for the blogging delay. I had to break for some temporary craziness. Height of the wedding season for pictures right now along with our AWESOME hawaii trip and I've fallen behind. Lyd, I'm working on the pix from our vacation but when you take 400 pictures it's REALLY hard to narrow down a few for the blog! Well here he is...our MODEL preschooler. Paying ever so close attention to his teacher as she reads to them before the graduation program and ceremony.At least he is doing the actions to the song in this shot and not bumping the kid next to him off the stage like in all my other pictures.
They always do such a good job decorating for each event.

This is Elle, Jack's carpooling buddy

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

I picked Jack up from preschool on Friday and he got in the car so excited! He could hardly wait to hand me this....
The look on his face, his cute smile and sense of pride in what he had made. I immediately started balling! That is when I got know that same feeling that I'm sure all of our Mother's had when we gave them cute little drawings or pictures we had made that they so proudly hung on the refrigerator. Here is one I dug up from the old albums that I made my mom when I was about Jack's age.

Mom I love you! Thanks for being such a great example of the kind of mom I hope I am to my boys. I remember I used to sing that song "When I grow up, I want to be a Mother" I think the song later goes on to say she would have "Six little blessings from above." Not quite sure if that's gonna happen but... I'm so glad I grew up to be a mother. I love being a Mom! I love my boys and I especially love their daddy.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

The OTHER way to say "I'm Cold"

The other day it was so hot we had all the windows open in the house, including the one in Jack's bedroom. During the night it got soooo cold. Well, about 4 am Jack comes in my room, I'm not really coherent at this point so he has to repeat himself like 50 times. "Mom, my
BLANKETS not WORKING." Sure enough when I went to get him back in bed his room was an ICEBOX! I felt so bad. That is Zoe in the bottom curled up helping him get warm. I just think it is so cute when she curls up next to her buddy Jack.