Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sorry Charlie

Quietly, Ted and I hoovered over Charlie as his nurse took out the last of his tubes and tape so we could go home when we heard her say..."Sorry Charlie." Our eyes all met at the same time and we busted out in laughter. In that moment we both realized the fate of this poor kid....

"Can I have another cookie"
-Sorry Charlie

"Can I stay up late"
-Sorry Charlie

"Can I take the car tonight"
-Sorry Charlie

Charlie Jay Turcsanski
(don't EVEN think about calling him CJ)
8lbs 1 oz 19.5 in
11-11-08 3:00pm

Shortly after Charlie was born my nurse came in to check on me and noticed Charlie was having some trouble breathing and said she wanted to take him to do a quick "little" oxygen test. About an hour after that Ted and the nurse came back and informed me that he was going to be needing a slew of other things done and would need to stay in the NICU. I was pretty calm about everything until I went to visit him for the first time and saw him like this.....
It was the strangest thing having what I thought was a perfectly healthy baby leave my room only to see him an hour later with this machine hooked to him pumping air into his lungs. Of course my hormones were on an absolute rampage so that didn't help and the flood gates just wouldn't quit. Later that night the doctor gave us a lot of explanation on everything and that really helped. He assured us that Charlie just needed a little more time in the hospital and it was nothing life threatening or permanent.

I love baby FEET!

Max has actually been so sweet with the baby even though he seems a little bugged in this picture.

Jack and Charlie holding fingers

Grandma Lynda and Grandpa Jack

Grandma Cathy

Saturday, November 8, 2008

It's A.........

just an UPDATE! Naah, no baby yet. Only massive amounts of pictures that have been haunting me to get caught up on before this bambino gets here.

The Pumpkin Patch x2

My mom has a little Halloween Party every year for the grandkids so we hit the Red Barn and Hee Haw Farms for our little family tradition this year. I just can't get enough of fields of pumpkins and hayrides. Although I thought I was going to go into labor at Hee Haw. Their hay ride was a litte bit CRAZY!



Max is the happiest kid as long as he has a STICK, SWORD, or LIGHT SABER in hand! Unfortunately most others around him are not quite as happy.
(check out Jack's face)

I could sure use a little California right now

I was actually starting to feel warm looking back through all these pictures. Our FREEZE OUT finally came to an end this week. Ted and I broke down and turned on the heater! I love that in between time of year when you don't need your heater or AC and your electric bill seems to disappear for a brief while....a very brief while ;)

Back in September we took a little Family Hurraah down to Cali. I had a wedding and we thought it was a good excuse to get away. We had the greatest time. On our drive down we stopped at Calico Ghost Town which I have always wanted to do but never done. It was a pretty cool ghost down just DEATHLY HOT!! Our poor dogs little feet were dying on the pavement.

kicking their feet up for a little break

house made out of glass bottles

panning for gold! the boys even found real gold nuggets. We cashed it in to pay for our gas though ;)

Ahh another break from the heat.


Disneyland was a treat this year. No crowds and we got to hang out with our cool cousins from AZ who happened to be there the same day. Jack and Max loved having Evan around to enjoy the rides with.

Nap time

How does anyone STAND this ride??? Rich was kind enough to take the boys while Ted, Carly and I all passed.

ANGELS BABY! We love the Angels and my uncle Kelly scored us 10th row seats behind the first base line.

And of course.....THE BEACH! One day we hit Crescent Beach in Laguna my old hang out from high school and the day I shot the wedding the boys and cousins hit Balboa. Free entertainment is the best! They had the greatest time in the sand and water.

I love this picture!