Thursday, February 19, 2009

One of these things is NOT like the other

My "Beary" cute baby! I know the "beary" is a little cheese but I just couldn't resist!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Monday, February 2, 2009

blah bla blah's been a blogg-n while. I know so many of you could put me to shame with mother of 7, mother of 5 , mother of twins, mother of every kid one year apart of Three...wowie! I feel like the day is over before it's begun and all I have to show for it is my bed that is made. (It's the one thing that I HAVE to do if I do nothing else all day!!) Lately, I've been making great strides though...I at least get my work out clothes ON...some mornings I make it to the treadmill or break out my Turbo Jam video, most others I just pretend I worked out and hope my Mind Powers trick my brain into actually thinking I worked out.

So here's the latest: Charlie is sooooo cute and sooo fun! Smiling and giggling when we sing do a deer from the Sound of Music to him. Jack loves to sing him the song he wrote called "You're So Smart" which he repeats about 100 times. Max is a good helper always making sure Charlie has his binkie and reminds him to "shhhh" when we say prayers.

MAD MAX: he is crazy and into everything and climbs up everything and swings from everything and breaks everything and eats everything and must be NAKIE or in JAMMIES all day! But...capitol "B" we think he is the cutest and funniest and cuddliest little bug ever so we've decided not to ship him off just yet.

he's ticked that I made him take the plate of cookies back to the table.

So when I find the sweet crazy boy like this...I just leave him there.

JACK: has been the best big brother and is growing up WAY WAY too fast! He is shredding it on the slopes this year and is always looking for jumps and trees to ski through....ahhh a boy after my own heart. We've had fun skiing with him this year and it won't be long before Ted and I can't keep up with the Bonsai Bullet!

This is the new tunnel they built at Snowbird that leads you to some pretty difficult bowl skiing. Big mistake...Jack wasn't quite ready for that one! While you're in the tunnel they have some U2 playing and jack says "I'm not scared mom...this music is calming me down."