Sunday, December 28, 2008

More Family Parties

We had a wonderful time at my in-laws and enjoyed yummy food, singing, chatting, presents and family. This year instead of spending lots of money on gifts for each other we decided to draw family names and then MAKE a gift for that family for under $10 and then spend the rest doing something charitable as individual families. It was so fun to see how creative everyone got with their gifts to each other. We had a great time and sure enjoy this special time of year.

Grandma Lynda leading us in the Nativity Song

Grandpa Jack & our dog Zoe

Great Grandma Frieda with Charlie and Max

Manny deep in thought

I'm so glad Max loves trains as much as Jack did. It makes me feel a tinsy bit better about the small fortune I spent in "Thomas the Train" stuff!

Jack watching the video about the Savior

Enjoying some cookies!

Great Grandma modeling her hip new jacket

Our gift from the Italy Turks. Chocolate from Germany and Italian pasta.
Anthony striking a pose

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